Learners and Learning in the Religious Education Classroom

Senior Secondary Years
The senior secondary curriculum builds on the prior learning in Prep to Year 10, allowing students to use, consolidate and expand on what they have learned. The four interrelated strands of Sacred Texts, Beliefs, Church and Christian Life also underpin the senior secondary curriculum, identifying core content that is to be taught and that students should learn.
The curriculum for students in these years of schooling provides them with increased opportunities to make choices about pathways through school and beyond. A range of choices from specialised courses is provided to meet students’ needs and interests: Religion and Ethics and Study of Religion (Queensland Studies Authority) and Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology.
The Religion Curriculum P-12 enables students in the senior secondary years to develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic Christian tradition and an empathetic understanding of the major world religions, as well as a grasp of the impact of religious teachings on the lives of believers. The approach taken respects learners and promotes critical thinking, opening up the possibility for a richer appreciation of self and others.