Reflecting on Action for Justice

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Christian action for justice requires critical reflection and prayerful discernment in the light of the gospel and Catholic social teaching. School communities consciously plan for and implement these reflective elements into their justice initiatives through an action-reflection process. 

The process of reflection is an integral part of lifelong learning. In an everyday sense, reflection is a ‘looking back’ on experiences so as to learn from them. Therefore reflection is a means of constructing knowledge about oneself, one’s community and about the world. In a Catholic school context, students are supported to engage in a process of critical reflection by analysing, reconsidering and questioning their experiences in the light of the gospel and Catholic social teaching. 

For these reasons the Church must incorporate into all levels of her educational system the teaching of social justice and the Biblical and ethical principles that support it (Economic Justice for All, 1985, n.342). 

Reflection on action for justice leads to a richer and deeper understanding of how such experiences respond to the challenge of the gospel and social teaching of the Church. 

Service learning, related to the age and stage of student development, assists students to reflect upon the rights and duties that are proper to human persons and the freedom and responsibility that underpin these rights and duties to become reflective, self-directed learners.

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