Witness to the wider community (EFW)

teacher EFW.jpgWitness to the wider community calls Christians to give witness to the beliefs and values of the Catholic Christian tradition and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Catholic school, as part of the evangelising mission of the Church, witnesses to the wider community through its physical presence and authentic proclamation of the gospel in word and action.​

​​Celebrat​ing with others EFW1​ ​Reaching out EFW2​​ ​Making connections EFW3 ​Communicating the Message EFW4
​Building collaborative relationships with th​e parish and local Church in pla​nning joint celebrations (e.g. Social Justice Sunday, Missions Week, NAIDOC, National Migrant and Refugee Week) EFW1.1 ​Supporting parents, staff and students to become Catholic through participation in parish RCIA programs EFW2.1 ​Inviting clergy and parish staff to participate in the everyday and significant events of the school EFW3.1 ​Articulating explicitly the connections between school policies, structures and practices and Christian values and principles EFW4.1
​Inviting students to participate in retreat experiences and reflection days with students from other Catholic schools EFW1.2 ​Developing ways of meeting the pastoral needs of students and families (e.g. regular Make a Meal sessions for families in need, prayer circles, support groups, home visits) EFW2.2 Encouraging students to participate and take on leadership roles in the youth ministry of their local parish or diocese EFW3.2 ​Communicating to the school community information about parish and Archdiocesan events (e.g. Mass times, Sacramental programs, youth initiatives, faith development programs) EFW4.2
​Inviting representatives of other Christian Churches to participate in school celebrations (e.g. Easter celebrations, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity)EFW1.3 ​Teaching students how to witness to the values that the school espouses at external events and activities (e.g. respectful behaviour in public settings, gratitude and graciousness, positive participation, considering​the needs of others first) EFW2.3 ​Engaging with and promoting parish, deanery and Archdiocesan initiatives, events and gatherings. EFW3.3 ​Communicating explicitly the school values and beliefs through newsletters, local media and social media. EFW4.3