Living the gospel (EFG)

SEC_084.jpgLiving the gospel calls for openness that invites each person to experience a change of heart by engaging with the world as Jesus did. A school fosters this call in its individual members by creating an environment that encourages and invites them to discipleship and ministry.​

Creating a Christ-centred environment EFG1 ​Embedding the gospel in practices processes EFG2 Celebrating the Good News EFG3​
​Evaluating the effectiveness of the ways in which Jesus Chris​​t is​ presented and interpreted in the life of the school (e.g. through artwork, stories, public gatherings, school website) EFG1.1 ​Using restorative justice processes to develop a Christian culture of forgiveness and reconciliation EFG2.1 ​Identifying and using scriptura texts to promote and support the Christian values of the school EFG3.1

Planning for prayer and worship in the school that is Christ-centred and strongly connected to the Cycles of the Liturgical Year EFG1.2
​Establishing policies practices and structures that promote inclusion and a sense of belonging to a Christian community EFG2.2 ​Recognising and ritualising the rich tapestry of students, staff and families through personal and public recognition EFG3.2
​Making connections between the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and contemporary people and events (within and beyond the school community) EFG1.3 ​Providing opportunities for staff, students and parents to understand how traditions and practices in the school community connect with the gospel of Jesus Christ EFG2.3 ​In​troducing elements of Christian joy and hope into the celebrations of school life EFG3.3
​Creating a culture of hope, optimism, joy and inclusion that reflect the life of Jesus Christ through routines and practices (e.g. hospitality, forgiveness and outreach to the marginalised) EFG1.4 ​Supporting staff programs on Christian ministry and vocation EFG2.4 ​Familiarising the community with a range of Christian writings and writers who celebrate joy and hope in life and present the gospel message in engaging ways EFG3.4