Justice in the school community (SJS)

SJS cropped.jpgThe school practises justice within its own community through policies, structures and practices that are consistent with the themes of Catholic social teaching. Respect for the dignity of the human person underlies Catholic social justice themes.​

​Respecting the dignity of all SJS1​​ Praying for justice SJS2 Building a just community SJS3
​Promoting communication and interaction between members of the school community that respect the rights and dignity of all (e.g. student reports, telephone conversations, conflict resolution, mediation, classroom interactions​, behaviour support, staffroom conversations) SJS1.1 ​Integrating a justice focus into school liturgies, classroom prayer and prayer assemblies (e.g. draw on resources from Caritas, Catholic Missions, St Vincent De Paul) SJS2.1 ​Auditing policies, structures and practices in the light of Catholic themes of social justice (e.g. behaviour support, inclusion practices, enrolment policy, engaging students in decisions) SJS3.1
​Identifying marginalised groups within the school community and developing ways to demonstrate welcome and support SJS1.2 ​Identifying structures and practices that provide opportunities to encourage a prayer response to justice issues (e.g. newsletter, assembly prayer, meetings, foyer displays, email, noticeboards, classroom prayer) SJS2.2 ​Supporting the principle of subsidiarity in key decision-making SJS3.2
Implementing induction programs to support new students and families from diverse backgrounds SJS1.3​ ​Using social media to encourage others to pray about current issues of injustice at local, national and global levels SJS2.3 ​Establishing just processes of discernment and critical judgement when making decisions SJS3.3
​Reviewing policies, structures and practices in the light of the diversity within the school community (e.g. cultural, social, religious, economic factors) SJS1.4 ​Applying Christian stewardship to the resources and environment of the school (e.g. audit paper, water and electricity use, monitor care of equipment and facilities, implement environmentally sustainable practices) SJS3.4
​​ ​Developing and accessing school-wide programs that focus on improving and maintaining quality relationships (e.g. peer mentoring programs, buddy programs) SJS3.5