Celebration of liturgy and sacraments (PWL)

PWL.jpgCelebration of liturgy and sacraments are part of the formal, public prayer and worship of the Church. The Church encoura​ges full, conscious and active participation in liturgy. Schools celebrate the Liturgy of the Church through celebration of the sacraments, Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Hours.​

Developing skills in ​​liturgy PWL1​ Promoting participation in liturgy PWL2 Celebrating Sacraments PWL3
​Providing profession​​al learning opportunities for staff, students and parents about the principles, structures and planning of liturgy PWL1.1 ​​Developing clear expectations about procedures and practices for the reverent celebration of liturgy (e.g. entering and leaving, responding, movement and gestures, receiving communion) PWL2.1 ​Identifying and providing opportunities for the celebration of the sacraments of Eucharist and Penance within the life of the school PWL3.1
​Providing formation for staff, students and parents to undertake appropriate roles of ministry within the liturgy (e.g. Eucharistic ministers, readers, music ministers, preparing the sacred space) PWL1.2 ​Preparing students for full and reverent participation in liturgies (e.g. practise reading and reflecting on scripture, rehearse music, explain and practise particular actions and movements) PWL2.2 ​Supporting students and families engaged in sacramental preparation and celebration through recognition and prayer PWL3.2
​Utilising planning templates in preparing for liturgical celebrations PWL1.3 ​Arranging the physical environment and provide resources conducive to full and active participation in liturgy and sacraments (e.g. seating arrangements, physical environment, texts of responses, songs and actions) PWL2.3 ​Promoting and supporting the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) in local parishes PWL3.3
​Negotiating with clergy clear, agreed expectations about the celebration of lirgy and sacraments within the school PWL1.4 ​Encouraging and supporting student participation in parish, deanery or Archdiocesan liturgies and gatherings PWL2.4
​Seeking creative ways students may contribute to the enhancement of the church or sacred space in which a liturgy  is to be celebrated PWL2.5