Authentic Christian community (ICC)

ICC cropped.jpgAuthentic Christian community builds quality relationships modelled on the vision and values of Jesus. An authentic school community supports the dignity of each person, practises Christian hospitality and proclaims its values through word ​and action.​

Respecting dignity and diversity ICC1​ Building quality relationships ICC2 Practising Christian hospitality ICC3
Developing policies, structures and practices to provide equity for all students ICC1​​.1​ ​Welcoming, encouraging and supporting the participation of families in the life of the school ICC2.1 ​Developing a shared understanding of the Christian underpinnings of hospitality and welcome ICC3.1
​Recognising the diversity of student achievement within and beyond the school community ICC1.2 ​Developing a community culture that is committed to reconciliation, quality relationships and promoting interc​ultural understanding ICC2.2 ​Promoting a spirit of Christian hospitality and social courtesy to all visitors ICC3.2
​Celebrating the cultural diversity of the school (e.g. multicultural festivals, musical presentations at school gatherings by various cultural groups, displays of Indigenous art) ICC1.3 ​Presenting, through drama, dance, music, visual art and media, traditional stories from various cultural groups ICC2.3 ​Maintaining, inviting, clean, uncluttered and clearly signed public spaces ICC3.3
​Implementing and evaluating behaviour support policies and practices in the light of the vision and values of Jesus ICC1.4 ​Recognising and celebrating the everyday moments of people's lives (e.g. announcing births, celebrating birthdays, recording of moments in daily life of the school) ICC2.4 ​Practising with students social courtesies (e.g. greeting people, introducing a visitor, welcoming a guest speaker) ICC3.4
​Providing companioning programs for students who are new, at risk or marginalised (e.g. social skills programs) ICC1.5 ​Building a culture of care and concern across the school (e.g. parents care & concern group, providing meals for a bereaved family, doing an extra playground duty for a stressed colleague) ICC2.5 ​Developing resources that welcome and orient new families to the school (e.g. welcome CD, handbook, website) ICC3.5
​Infusing the gospel into leadership programs for students and staff ICC1.6​ ​Acknowledging connections with the wider church community by partnering with the parish and local church through prayer, liturgy, social events and outreach ICC2.6