Action for justice (SJA)

SJA cropped.jpgAction for justice is integral to the Christian vocation. Action for justice, peace and ecological sustainability is based on the dream of Jesus to establish the Kingdom of God. School communities act for justice when they demonstrate a commitment to the poor and marginalised, actively work for peace and practise stewardship of the earth.​

Applying Catholic social teaching SJA1 Caring for the environment SJA2 Learni​​ng through service SJA3
​Drawing on Catholic social teaching and scripture when developing a rationale and principles for social justice activities SJA1.1​​ ​Fostering environmentally friendly practices (e.g. recycling paper, composting, worm farm, installing school water tanks​) SJA2.1 ​Providing str​uctured immersion experiences fo​r students and staff to give valuable insight into the lives of others (e.g. streets retreats, visiting care facilities, overseas immersion programs) SJA3.1
​Critically reviewing and monitoring the complexity and expense of experiences offered by the school in light of Jesus' model as one who 'travels lightly' (e.g. overseas trips, formals, excursions, fundraisers) SJA1.2 ​Raising awareness of ecological issues (e.g. school forums, inspiring speakers, regular updates in school communication, establish an energy efficiency working party, student debates) with reference to Church teachings SJA2.2 ​Designing and creating activities that promote better understanding between generational groups (e.g. visiting an age care residence, interviewing an older person, Grandparents Day) SJA3.2
Implementing policies and practices within the school that nurture a generosity of spirit (e.g. staff club support for a local charity, adopting a charitable cause, encourage random acts of kindness) SJA1.3​ ​Engaging with local environmental projects as parts of the curriculum SJA2.3 ​Supporting and encouraging student-initiated justice projects that contribute to the wellbeing of others locally and globally SJA3.3
​Promoting peaceful relationships within and beyond the school community (e.g. design retreat/reflections experiences on a peace theme, celebrate World Peace Day, celebrate the lives of peace-makers, incorporate non-violent principles into school policies and procedures) SJA1.4 ​Enlivening and renewing existing services and justice activities (e.g. a "justice activist-in-residence", guest presenters at school boards and staff meetings, conducting a justice hypothetical SJA3.4
​Promoting the resources and activities of Catholic justice and peace agencies for prayer and action (Caristas, Catholic Missions, St Vincent de Paul, Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice Commissions) SJA1.5