Meditative Prayer Practices

Since Vatican II, the Church has been exploring ways to recover the practices of meditative prayer. Meditative and contemplative prayer is not the privilege of monks or religious communities. It is prayer that all are invited to embrace. 

There are many and varied practices in the Christian tradition that can be identified as forms of meditative prayer. Meditative prayer engages thought, imagination, emotion, and desire and its various forms can lead us to closer union with God (Contemplation). A method is only a guide; the important thing is to advance, with the Holy Spirit, along the one way of prayer: Christ Jesus. (CCC2707) 

The Prayer Appendix within the Religious Education Curriculum recommends that teachers immerse students in diverse experiences of prayer and provide opportunities for students to engage with different approaches to meditative prayer. In recent times, the practice of meditation has become popular in all schools. Many school communities have begun the journey of introducing their students to times of silence and stillness to prepare them to enter into and experience forms of meditative and contemplative prayer. Students of all ages are capable of using meditative prayer practices and value this expression of prayer.​


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