Spiritual Formation


Spiritual formation in a Catholic school occurs within the context of the Catholic Christian faith tradition. Such formation is orientated to the spiritual growth of each individual and the spiritual flourishing of the school community. Spiritual formation is sensitive to the faith background and life journey of individuals within the community. School communities recognise moment​s and opportunities for formation and find ways to nurture the spirituality of each individual in ways that respect their religious background and their informed conscience.

Christian spirituality is [grounded] in the life of the Triune God, focused on Jesus Christ, situated in the Church, and ever responsive to the Holy Spirit. It is also visionary, sacramental, relational and transformational (McBrien, 1981, p.1058). 

Spiritual formation contributes to the journey of a person towards wholeness. At the heart of Christian spirituality is the image of the Triune God, understood as a community of love. For the Christian, spirituality centres on loving relationships and the building of Christian community. Catholic Christian spirituality has a rich heritage, reflecting a variety of spiritual traditions from diverse historical periods, cultures and faith communities that continue to be relevant to the search for meaning today.

Spiritual formation in an Archdiocesan school invites students to see the realities of our world in new and life-giving ways. It calls them to recognise the presence of God in daily life. Catholic school communities create experiences which assist students to live in healthy relationships, sensitive to the needs and gifts of others, based on the belief that to be human and to be Christian is to live in community. Such spiritual formation is transformational, leading to a richer connection with the presence of the Spirit who heals, reconciles, renews, gives life, bestows peace, sustains hope, brings joy and creates unity.​​


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