Living the Gospel

Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is a call to openness that invites each person to experience a change of heart through engaging in the world as an active Christian. A school fosters this call in its individual members by creating an environment that encourages and invites them to discipleship and ministry.

The Catholic school loses its purpose without constant reference to the gospel and a frequent encounter with Christ. It derives all the energy necessary for its educational work from Christ and thus creates in the school community an atmosphere permeated with the gospel spirit of freedom and love (The Catholic School, 1977, n.55).

A Catholic school assists its members to live the gospel of Jesus Christ when it helps them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus; use scripture as a guide and inspiration for living; and create an environment where the attitudes and actions of Jesus provide a model and standard for the community.

It is imperative therefore that the Church proclaim the Gospel to the young in ways that they can understand, ways that can enable them to grasp the hand of Christ who never ceases to reach out to them, especially in their dark times (The Church in Oceania, 2001, n.44).

In living the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Catholic school seeks to be a place that recognises the sacramentality of everyday moments in the school day and the everyday lives of its members. The school seeks to model a culture of hope and joy that provides a powerful expression of the good news of Jesus.


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