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Sacred Texts

The Sacred Texts strand comprises three distinct yet interrelated sub-strands: Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Spiritual Writings and Wisdom.

Old Testament and New Testament
The Bible is foundational for Catholic Christians, encompassing the sacred writings of the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament (Christian Scriptures). The Bible contains the foundational account of God’s relationship with people and the human response to God. Students in Archdiocesan schools grow in their familiarity with Old Testament and New Testament texts, and develop their ability to use a range of Biblical tools and apply Biblical criticism to deepen their awareness of the scriptures and apply them in relevant and helpful ways to the circumstances of life.

Students engage in a formal and systematic study of the Bible, its nature, structure, formation, content and contexts. They are empowered to empathetically enter into the historical, social and cultural contexts of the human authors of scriptural texts and to deepen their understanding of the audiences and intentions of the texts. Students engage with a broad range of text types and textual features to critically reflect on messages in Old Testament and New Testament texts. Students learn how scripture is used by the Church to form and inform individuals, communities and traditions, assist personal and communal prayer, and provide insights into life and guidance for living. They are encouraged to show respect and reverence for the Bible as a sacred book and the scriptures as the Word of God.

The Catholic Church acknowledges scripture and tradition together as the source of its beliefs, liturgy, prayer and moral teaching. In coming to understand and appreciate the story of God’s engagement with humanity in scripture and in the ongoing tradition of the Church, students increasingly recognise God’s loving activity in human history and in the lives of individuals. Students begin to understand the ways in which what the Church believes, lives, celebrates and prays finds its source and inspiration in the ongoing story of the relationship between God and people. Students are helped to see that they are also part of this ongoing story as well.

Christian Spiritual Writings and Wisdom
Students in Archdiocesan schools engage with a wide range of spiritual writings in the rich tradition of Catholic Christianity which continues to tell the story of God’s relationship with people and the human response to God. These spiritual writings include writings of the mystics, the fathers and mothers of the Church, the founders of the great traditions of Christian spirituality and other religious and lay people past and present. Students explore the diversity of spiritual writings and expressions of spirituality through The Arts, and through a variety of media and modes of communication. They explore how these expressions of spirituality have captured the religious imagination; inspiring, guiding and giving strength to believers over time.