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Organisation of the Religion Curriculum P-12

The organisation of the Religion Curriculum P-12 includes a number of features: Year Level Descriptions; Content Descriptions; Achievement Standards; Content Elaborations; General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities.

Year Level Descriptions
Year level descriptions provide an overview of the content that is being studied and information about the learning contexts that are appropriate at each year level. They also emphasise the interrelated nature of the four strands and the expectation that planning will involve integration of content from across the strands.

Content Descriptions
The Religion Curriculum P-12 includes content descriptions at each year level. These set out the religious knowledge, deep understanding and skills that teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn. The content descriptions have been written to ensure that learning is appropriately ordered and that unnecessary repetition is avoided. However, a concept or skill introduced at one year level may be revisited, strengthened and extended at later year levels as needed.

Achievement Standards
Achievement standards indicate the quality of learning that students should typically demonstrate by a particular point in their schooling. An achievement standard describes the quality of learning (the extent of knowledge, the depth of understanding, and the sophistication of skills) that would indicate the student is well placed to commence the learning required at the next level of achievement. The sequence of achievement standards describes progress in the learning area. This sequence provides teachers with a framework for growth and development in the learning area. Across Prep to Year 10, achievement standards are accompanied by sets of annotated student work samples that illustrate actual achievement in relation to the achievement standard.

Content Elaborations
The Religion Curriculum P-12 includes content elaborations (for Prep to Year 10) and examples of connections to senior secondary courses in religion (for Years 11 and 12) that illustrate and exemplify content and assist teachers in developing a common understanding of the content descriptions. They are not intended to be comprehensive content points that all students need to be taught.​ 

Scope and Sequence P-12​​